Bad credit mobile phones basics

Mobile phones have taken over our lives more than we like to admit. Think about it. How long do you take before glancing at your mobile phone? When was the last time you went for a date and stayed the course without glancing at your mobile phone? Mobile phones have become so integral in our lives that we virtually can’t imagine life without them. Be it in a train, a cafeteria, in a bank, or wherever you can think of, people are always tapping away on their mobile phones. What does that tell you? The answer to that is straightforward really. Mobile phones have morphed from luxurious items that they were a little over 20 years ago to integral gadgets we can’t do without. It is perhaps for this reason why being denied a phone contract is at times a bitter pill to swallow.

For the longest time, mobile providers in the UK and other parts of the world have insisted that applicants for mobile phone contracts need to have an excellent credit score. Apparently, this was some sort of defense mechanism. They opined that those with an excellent credit score posed a minimum risk, or rather they were unlikely to default on repayments. While this holds true to a larger extent, the idea of locking out people simply because they had unimpressive credit score was rather unattractive and to some extent an indictment of sorts.


The financial turmoil of the year 2008 played a great role in the change of heart of many UK mobile phone providers. It suddenly became aware that anyone can have a poor credit rating and the reason is not what they had always thought. Firms that were strong and large came tumbling down and it had to take the intervention of the government to bail a number of them out of trouble. With that experience, mobile phone providers in the UK loosened the noose. Within no time, bad credit mobile phones became a way of life. Those in the UK who from time immemorial had been denied a phone contract on the basis of their credit rating could finally apply for the phone of their dreams.

The requirements for applying for a bad credit mobile phone contract at InstantMobile are pretty simple and straightforward. First and foremost, you need to provide us proof that you are a citizen of the united kingdom and that you are at least 18 years of age (your identity card is enough in this regard). Secondly, you need to furnish us with copies of your payslips or bank statements to ascertain that you are in employment and receive income on a regular basis. If you meet the aforementioned, you are welcome to apply for a bad credit mobile phone.


However, unlike mainstream mobile phone contracts that place great emphasis on credit scores, bad credit mobile phones as the name imply are open and most suitable for individuals with bad credit. You don’t have to worry about credit checks when applying for them. The advantage of applying for bad credit mobile phones is that they accord you an opportunity or rather the chance to improve your credit rating for the better or build one from scratch. On the downside however, the interest rates are exorbitant and the lock-in period to the contract is longer than is the case with standard mobile phone contracts.


Reasons why Nokia lovers are excited about upcoming Android releases

Before Apple and Samsung made forays into the mobile phone industry, Nokia had already made its statement. So big was Nokia back in the day that when you thought about a mobile phone, the first thing that came to mind was Nokia. It was, in essence, the brand that was synonymous with mobile phone technology – a little more or less like Samsung and Apple are right now. The exit of Nokia from the mobile industry was greeted with a sense of trepidation and sadness. Die-hard fans couldn’t simply understand why Nokia took such a decision.

The entry of Apple and Samsung effectively drove the final nail in the coffin of Nokia. Between the year 2007 and 2012, Nokia handsets became rarer and rarer and the Nokia brand faded in the minds of many people. The introduction of Windows phones didn’t bring about the traction, excitement or competition that Microsoft had hoped for. Apple and Samsung reigned supreme.

Now that Nokia has finally unshackled itself from Microsoft and are keen at regaining lost ground, it is no wonder that Nokia lovers are filled with anticipation. Well, if you were a diehard of Nokia back in the day, you have every reason to be excited. You are indeed waiting anxiously to see what Nokia will pull out of the bag this time round. So what are the probable reasons for Nokia lovers being excited about

Strong Brand

There is no denying that Nokia is a strong brand and the mention of the name is enough to have people shift their heads considering its earlier forays and impact in the mobile phone industry. Back in the day, Nokia was known for producing classics in the industry. A phone like the Nokia 3310 comes to mind. The majority of mobile phone users have at some point in their life owned a Nokia mobile phone and can therefore, relate to the brand. A lot of people have trust in Nokia products and this means penetrating the market won’t be difficult. Given its success in the past, a lot of people will be willing to try out Nokia smartphones running on Android and get to see what the brand has in store!


Android will solve all previous issues with Windows Phones

A lot of Nokia diehard fans trooped to windows phones when they were first released with the hoped of experiencing the Nokia magic in them. However, they quickly disappointed. The windows ecosystem lacked the necessary apps, services as well as content. The reintroduction of Nokia smartphones running on Android will without a doubt resolve the aforementioned issues once and for all. In other words, with the Android software at its disposal, Nokia would simply focus on what it has over the years been known for – hardware.

Nokia is king of design

No doubt, Nokia has over the years designed mobile phones of different shapes as well as sizes. Nokia has a unique taste and knows how to design various handsets that appeal to a great number of consumers. Given their history, diehard fans simply can’t wait to see what Nokia will come up with in their first flagship smartphone. Granted, there is a lot of space in the design department as regards Android phones and diehard fans cannot what to see what Nokia will put on the table.


Innovation is Nokia’s second name

Nokia is synonymous with innovation no doubt. The company simply loves to be innovative and coming up with something that people can talk about. Whether it’s the overall design of their phones or the technology of their camera, there is no denying that Nokia has the capability to make things happen. Back in the day, they were the first in the industry to truly introduce and popularise the mobile phone camera format. With all these, Nokia lovers are indeed justified to wait for Nokia smartphone with bated breath!



Top smartphones expected to hit the market in 2017

No doubt, smartphones continue to be more powerful with every new release. Compared to the first generation of smartphone, we can say without a doubt that smartphones today have morphed into powerful gadgets capable of doing virtually everything. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a new device is released replete with features that were only a distant dream some 20 years ago. 2016 has indeed seen the unveiling of magnificent smartphones with the Samsung Galaxy s7 and iPhone 7 taking the bragging rights.

Well, 2016 is almost coming to a close and focus has now shifted to smartphones that will be unveiled come 2017. Of course, if you are the kind of person that switches mobile phones every year, you simply can’t wait to see what the new year has to offer. Rather than keep you guessing, we are going to outline some of the top smartphones expected to hit the market come 2017. The specifications for the devices we are going to list are based on rumours from the tech world and if history is anything to go by, the rumours about specifications have always turned out to be true.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Without a doubt, when focusing on top smartphones of 2017, the Samsung Galaxy S8 comes to mind first especially with the successful release of Samsung Galaxy S7. Samsung lovers simply can’t wait for the Galaxy S8 not to mention the features it will have. As is the tradition, Samsung Galaxy S8 is expected to be released come March of 2017 at the mobile world congress (MWC). Its predecessor had a unique design and therefore we anticipate that the S8 will sport something even more unique compared to S7.

That said, some of the expected specifications of Samsung Galaxy S8 according to rumour mills include a Samsung foldable display (the rumours have been doing rounds for quite some time and therefore we expect it to be in the phone), 5.5” 4K UHD screen display, Exynos 8895 processor (though there are also specifications that it may come in two variants with the other having a Qualcomm snapdragon 830 processor), 6GB RAM, and run on Android 7.0. We expect more information on the Galaxy S8 as we come closer to the launch date.


After the successful launch of the magnificent LG G5 earlier in the year at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), LG has now set its sight on their next amazing flagship phone, the LG G6. If we take a look at the pattern of LG as regards release of their flagship phones, it always takes place in the first quarter of the year. As such, the LG G6 is expected to be released around February or March 2017. LG always places special emphasis on camera quality and design and therefore we expect this trend to continue with the release of the new phone. Some of the expected features of LG G6 include snapdragon 830, UHD display, 5GB RAM as well as 26 mega-pixel camera that supports 4K.

Sony Xperia X series

At the 2016 Mobile World Congress (MWC) Sony denied the continuation or rather the release of a new Xperia Z6 device come 2017 but rather announced the unveiling of the new Xperia X series. The decision to discontinue the Z Xperia series is not clear at the moment but that hasn’t stopped the Sony xPeria smartphone lovers from being giddy with expectation at what lies in store, with the expected Sony Xperia X series to be unveiled in 2017. The Xperia X series is expected to be high end, packed with a more powerful camera compared to LG G5 and be waterproof. It is also expected to sport a   30-megapixel camera, run on Android 7.0, have 6 GB of RAM as well as a snapdragon 830 processor. For Sony Xperia lovers, the release of Sony Xperia X series is greatly anticipated come 2017.

HTC 11

HTC has been without a doubt over the years given the big players such as Apple and Samsung a run for their money with the release of spectacular and magnificent smartphones year in year out. As one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers releasing some of the best smartphones with amazing features, it is understandable why most people are waiting with bated breath for the release of HTC 11 in 2017. HTC 11 will succeed HTC 10 which was released this year and is expected to include major improvements to the current HTC 10.  HTC 11 is expected to have high-end features such as 24 Ultra pixels camera (a far cry to the 12 ultra-pixels that the HTC 10 has), front facing speaker, snapdragon 830 processor, Android Nougat, a 4300 mAh battery, as well as 6GB RAM. The HTC 11 is rumoured to be released around August 2017.